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Now Offering multiple ONLINE School Options for 2020/21!

VIRTUAL ELEMENTARY PROGRAMS cover Georgia Standards of Excellence and star our seasoned degreed professionals that can be streamed on any device anywhere at any time!

Option A-Streaming Video Virtual programs (without kits) for Digital Learning Days or Virtual School. Video lessons are 25-30 minutes in length and come with digital Guided Questions. Pre recorded videos can be streamed on any device anywhere at any time. Extending the Lesson and Try at Home PDF's are included with this option. (students do not have to be in school for this option)
Option B-Streaming Video Virtual programs plus Student Kit ad-onCorresponding Science Kits that bring hands-on science to all your students in the virtual world! Students can watch the video in school and conduct experiments that compliment the video lesson if our instructor is not allowed into the building. Kits include two take home experiments per student and are pre-packaged per student to allow for easy teacher pass out.  Digital Guided Questions, Extending the Lesson, and Try at Home PDF's are also included with this option. An optional teacher demo ad on is available with this option. The teacher demonstration is an experiment that is different from student kit experiments to further enhance the lesson.  (students would need to be meeting in classrooms for this option)

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Science Programs for Kids


Stimulate children's imagination & curiosity for science!

At HOME Science Packages w/ 5 Science Kits:

High Touch High Tech Science Packages come with 5 Science Kits with over 50 experiments that cover a variety of subjects such as Chemistry, Physics, Meteorology, Astronomy, Biology, and Geology!

                  ***offering hours of fun, educational hands-on science!

Science Package Includes:

5 Science Videos that cover several science subjects

  • Each video covers an area of science (approx. 25-27 minutes in length)
  • The videos star our beloved HTHT scientists and were designed with multiple age audiences in mind
  • We will provide you with a link and password to access the videos that can be viewed on any device at any time!

5 corresponding kits FULL with over 50 EXPERIMENTS AND ACTIVITIES!

  • Students can view a video a day to explore the science theme and then complete the corresponding experiments and activities.
  • Kits were developed with the younger and older child in mind! We will provide you with the proper kit according to your child's rising grade next year. Younger Kit = rising 1st-3rd and Older kit = rising 4th-6th.
  • VIDEO DIRECTIONS!! Will be available on our website for experiments that need visual instructions.


 EMAIL US at for more information!
     At HOME Science Kits are $75 (check or cash only)
     Kits available for pick up only - flexible locations

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Science Programs for Kids


Marvel at the accomplishments your students will achieve!

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