Preschool Programs

Preschool Programs


High Touch High Tech continues to nurture budding young scientists with our amazing programs magnificently designed for the preschool age child. These programs are totally hands on, totally FUN and totally participatory by each child. Most programs provide a take home experiment as well as a science certificate!

Listed below are the preschool programs available August through December. If you don't see what you are looking for there are two options. 1. Please peruse our elementary programs as many of them may be tailored for younger groups, or 2. Contact our office and we can create a program based on your standards/objectives.


Please click HERE to see our 2017-2018 Preschool Brochure.

A Senior Does a Fun Science Experiment
A Senior Does a Fun Science Experiment


Gravity, friction, and motion are the ideas behind our exploration. Ramps and runs are just part of the fun as the pint-sized physicists engineer their own learning! CD-SC4.3a, CD-SC4.4a


Little learners learn to observe like scientists by using different lenses, taste tests, and smelling bees & more teach young learners to make the most of their senses! CD-SC1.3a, CD-SC1.4a, CD-SC1.3b, CDSC1.4b, CD-SC1.3c, CD-SC1.4c


Get the spin on Earth’s movements that create day and night. Help sort out day and night activities. Get an idea of what keeps nocturnal animals up at night! CD-SC2.3c, CD-SC2.4c


Your mini meteorologists will have a blast touching clouds, creating tornadoes and DANCING the water cycle. Mimicking the movement of the sun, learning about seasons will be part of our fun. CD-SC2.3d, CD-SC2.4d, CD-SC1.3b, CD-SC1.4b


Smooth or rough? Sink or float? These questions and more will be answered as the Jr. Geologists collect rocks and fossils (to take home!), observe fossils, make rubbings, and test a variety of rocks for various properties. CD-SC2.3b, CD-SC2.4b CD-SC1.3b, CD-SC1.4b


Measuring mass with real balances and experimenting with the gases in the room will be part of their investigations. Your chemists will test matter for the properties of density and magnetism. Exploring the solvent properties of water, they’ll bring home their results.CD-SC4.3c, CD-SC4.4cm , CD-SC1.3b CD-SC1.4b


Girls & boys become BUBBLE-OLOGISTS as they build bubble wands and make & test an hypothesis. Chemical reactions will cause enthusiasm for science will be BUBBLING over! CD-SC1.3d, CD-SC1.4d, CD-SC1.3c, CD-SC1.4c


Moms & babies, Seeds & plants, Classifying … your itty bitty biologists will learn all about living things. Real live bugs – TOUCH IF YOU DARE! – will make a visit! Watching their personal plant grow will be an experiment to observe for days to come. CD-SC3.3a, CD-SC3.4a


Pushes and pulls … SPEED UP … Slooow down ... All ideas that will move our learning! Making (& taking) their own silly putty, will give your tiny scientists a chance to explain what they have learned about how speed can affect matter! CD-SC4.3b, CD-SC4.4b


Feel a cloud and see a rainbow! Comparing conductors, floating carrots, and racing water droplets round out our water fun. Scientists take home their ‘racetrack’ too! CD-SC2.3a, CD-SC2.4a, CD-SC1.3b, CD-SC1.4b


Constructing marble runs, building highways, connecting gears … everything needed to ignite the inner engineer spark inside your kids! CD-SC4.3d, CD-SC4.4d


Learning early to save our planet, may actually SAVE OUR PLANET. Recycling and pollution will be explored. Building a bird feeder and planting their own green-space will inspire them to continue to GO GREEN! CD-SC5.3a, CD-SC5.4a

A Child Does a Fun Science Experiment
A Child Does a Fun Science Experiment

Class Sizes and Program Prices


Since we are not a show of any kind, ideal pre-school class sizes would be 20 or less. Exceptions may be made with teacher assistance and program flexibility.

Cost per child is $8.75. In addition, there is a $10.00 per day not per child supply surcharge. Teachers and parent chaperones participate free of charge.

If there are less than 60 students per day, there is a minimum charge of $525.00 per day plus the $10.00 supply surcharge.

Please keep in mind that programs completed in the months of August and September will receive a discount of $.50 per student.

High Touch High Tech offers a fun and educational in-school "field trip" that ranges between 45-60 minutes per class. We can conduct multiple classes per day.

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A Child Does a Fun Science Experiment
A Child Does a Fun Science Experiment
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