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In-Person, DayCares, & Virtual Camp!


* Host IN-PERSON half-day camp!

5 days of Science FUN led by our degreed professionals!

**We can set up camp in your home, clubhouse, park, community center, etc.

          Choose from 9-12pm or 1-4pm M-F

 Email us at for more information!

          **Want to only host one day! Ask about our POD style classes

2021 Summer Host In-Person Brochure

Science Programs for Kids


Stimulate children's imagination & curiosity for science!

* DayCare Camps and Programs

Kids become scientists and learn by conducting experiments at their daycare, home, clubhouse, or any gathering space available . These programs are totally hands-on and participatory by each child and are conducted by our degreed professionals. High Touch High Tech provides all equipment and materials in this supply intensive educational experience. 

Summer 2021 brochure can be found by clicking the link below.  Scroll down to see the week long virtual camp option with 50+ experiments kit and video lessons! Please call (770) 667-9443 for availability in your area or fill out the reservation link.

SUMMER 2021 DayCare Brochure!


* At HOME Virtual Camp Package!

Includes 5 kits for 5 days of science fun!        


5 VIDEO Lessons with Virtual content!!

  • Each video covers an area of science (approx. 25-27 minutes in length)
  • The videos star our beloved HTHT scientists and were designed with multiple age audiences in mind
  • We will provide you with a link and password to access the videos that can be viewed on any device at any time!

5 corresponding kits FULL with over 50 EXPERIMENTS AND ACTIVITIES!

  • Students can view a video a day to explore the science theme and then complete the corresponding experiments and activities.
  • Kits were developed with the younger and older child in mind! We will provide you with the proper kit according to your child's rising grade next year. Younger Kit = rising 1st-3rd and Older kit = rising 4th-6th.
  • VIDEO DIRECTIONS!! Will be available on our website for experiments that need visual instructions.

Check us out on Facebook@HTHTATL


 email us at for more information!
     At HOME Science Kits are $125 (check or cash only)
     Kits available for pick up only - flexible locations

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Science Kit Descriptions

Science Programs for Kids


Marvel at the accomplishments your students will achieve!

Video Links and Descriptions


Students become Geologists as we dig into the layers of the Earth to explore rocks, soil, and the minerals that make them! Learn how to classify minerals by their color, luster, texture, hardness, and so much more! Erupt with excitement as we learn how sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks are formed!

Covers standards: SKE2, S3E1, S3E2, S5E1




Doing double time as students become Meteorologists & Astronomers! Delve into the ingredients of the water cycle and use scientific tools to measure types of weather. Learn the important role of our Sun as the center of our Solar System and discover if our closest star is the biggest, brightest, hottest star in the galaxy!

Covers standards: SKE1, S1E1, S2E1/2, S4E1/2/3/4




Master Chemistry as we investigate matter and conduct experiments to determine physical and chemical changes. Put your skills to the test as we classify objects according to their properties.

Covers standards: S2P1, S5P1




Hear the world around us through the ears of a Physicist as we discover the Sound of Energy and power of Forces! Experiment with magnets, balanced & unbalanced forces, and see what happens to light that is blocked, bounced, & bent! 

Covers standards: SKP2, S1P1, S1P2, S2P2, S4P1/2/3



Biology younger (gr.1-3): LIVING LIFE CYCLES!

A Biology introduction to living things! Learn about Living and Once Living organisms as we compare the needs of plants and animals. Observe the life cycle of moms and babies and even watch our LIVE BUGS as they creep across the screen!

Covers standards: SKL1, SKL2, S1L1, S2L1



Biology Older (gr.4-8): ORGANIZING ORGANISMS

Is it a snake, a worm, or maybe a larvae?! Students will explore the world of living things as we learn how to organize organisms both macro and micro. Then Find out the truth behind bacteria and if the turtle acquired his shell  or inherited it through genetics.

S5L1, S5L2, S5L4

Session 1: 



Session 2:


Experiment Video Directions


Science Programs for Kids


Join in experimentation that challenges student problem solving skills!

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